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Mandvi to White Running of Kutch

We set off from Ahmedabad, went to mandvi. Enjoyed the White Sands bay festival. You can refer here .  So finished with Mandvi's festival, now next target Rann Utsav in the White desert. It's most anticipated. So we set of in the morning. Our target to reach there , but as always, we got yo late and able to start by 9. This was our second day. We launched our Hyundai i10. Left our stay at mandvi.  Next stop will be our camp in the white desert. Seems pitty straight 150kms. The roads are good. Jet set and off we go.  We enjoyed the music. We enjoyed the desert terrain, the arid land, the animals, dry thorny vegetation. All of a sudden the road became bad, it was so wavy that car started bouncing. We opened our map and saw, we were 30kms detour. Where did we go we didn't understand. Huge internal fight, the guy supposed to see maps was fully into music and the road. We have to come back a long distance. It was fun though, going into unknown roads. It w

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