Ahmedabad to Mandvi beach

384 kms to travel on day 1 : Gujrat, Kutch, Salt pans, white sands bay festival. 

Starting from Ahmedabad, we always are late in the morning. We thought of stating at 6. But there were already preparations for breakfast in my friend's house. So we have to wait. But the breakfast was totally worth the wait. And after that we started in our small Hyundai i10 for our long journey. 

Well this part for most of our day we were on roads. The roads are decent, you can maintain good speeds. Played few songs, had a nice lunch. The famous theple of Gujrat. You have few curry options with the theples. Hogged on them. 

Then we entered the salt panes of Kutch. Huge panes of drying salt. 

Spent most of this time chatting, playing songs and with the start Josh, it passed by smoothly.

We tried to go to wild ass sanctuary in between, but there are no proper markers and google map also failed. Gujrat tourism should work on it!! 

Immediately after reaching Mandvi, we went to our hotel. For dumping our stuff. We stayed in the village resort. It's hot summer, but the evenings were cool. 

We rushed to Mandvi beach for the White Sands bay festival. 

It turned out to be empty, it was their first attempt, but we expected bigger crowd. One suggestion, they should work on proper road to the beach. 

It was the time for dinner now, we were late, so not many options. It seems Gujrat closes early. 
One thing I will always remember us the menu of the restaurant wet had dinner in. 
It was Valentine's Day, the had special arrangements. 
These are my travel partners. We are together on the Valentine's Day :P 

With this the day closes. It was long and tiring. Didn't get see much action on day 1. Never found the wild ass sanctuary. The beach was barren, and the veg food.  #tripperati


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