Rangarayana Doddi Lake - 51 kms (1hr) from Bangalore

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A great place for a days outing. In the nature's lap with big monolith hill on one side to farms and coconut trees on the other, this lake is a heavenly abode of fishes & birds. Great place for bird lovers, can visit in the calmness of morning or evening.

We planned this outing all of a sudden, just started from home and decided on the way for this place. 

Left home around 9 am, we were late, would suggest to go for early morning ride. Through the NICE ring road took the Mysore road exit. Had the breakfast at the exit, some dosa and tea and headed directly to the lake.

The place is at a little deviation from Mysore road after Ramangar. You see the big monolith hill long before you reach the lake. Lake entrance is developed. Your get to go to the lake directly from this entrance.

Directly from entrance you enter the calmness of the lake. 

You have to come here to feel this serene and calm place

Location:Rangarayana Doddi Lake

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